Anxiety & Toxicity

Anxiety and depression are very common emotional issues that affect an increasing number of people. Over the last 30 years of working as a therapist, I found that more and more young people present with these debilitating emotional problems.

While past trauma and difficult life situations play an important part in creating anxiety and depression, there are a number of other little-known factors that can have a major negative impact on your emotional state.

Besides hypnotherapy, I also trained in health kinesiology, and in that capacity, I noticed that anxiety and depression (and even OCD) improved and often went away completely when clients began to exclude foods they were intolerant to and started taking supplements that helped their body to detox.

Toxins can accumulate in the body through dental fillings, vaccines, medication recreational drugs, antibiotics and other factors. Toxic metals encourage invasive organisms, and both toxic metals and invasive organisms damage the gut (‘leaky gut’) which can severely disturb emotional balance.

A 35-year-old male client came to see me for his initial consultation, presenting with depression which had not shifted even though he had gone through psychotherapy for five years. Rather than starting with hypnotherapy sessions, I carried out a hair sample test to find out if there were any underlying reasons for his depression rather than just emotional factors. It turned out that he had problems with mercury, with the most likely source being his amalgam fillings. I tested which supplements where appropriate for him to start the detox and also checked him for food intolerances. He started taking his supplements and excluded the allergenic foods and over several months had his amalgams replaced. He needed to continue with supplements after the dental work had been done, and slowly his depression started to lift. Four months after completion of amalgam removal, he started feeling like a weight had lifted off his shoulder, and soon after, his depression disappeared completely. And all this without a single hypnotherapy session…

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