Suggestion Therapy

This is mainly used for straightforward problem areas such as smoking, weight loss, nail-biting, bed-wetting and simple fears. In many cases, only one or two sessions are necessary, but the number of sessions depends very much on the individual client and on the background to their problem.

During a session of suggestion therapy, I will help you into a relaxed and focused state of mind and then give you suggestions that help you change a particular behaviour or reaction. While in hypnosis, suggestions are more easily accepted because the critical faculties of the conscious mind are partially suspended. Imagine that the conscious mind is a watchdog in front of the gates to the subconscious. By me helping you into hypnosis, the watch-dog of the conscious mind is calmed down so it goes and lies down to doze while I go quietly past it and deliver positive suggestions to your subconscious mind for storage. These post-hypnotic suggestions can then later on be carried out in reality.

Analytical Hypnotherapy

Analytical hypnotherapy is also known as hypno-analysis. Its objective is to discover the underlying reason for a presenting symptom and, by working through the cause, making this symptom redundant.

Analytical hypnotherapy is centered around the client’s memories and consequently requires the client to speak during hypnosis. While you are in hypnosis, your concentration is better and your powers of recall are much enhanced so that it becomes easier to access events that happened in the past. I can then help the client to work through the memories, using visualization and other techniques, so that they can allow the old memories to go back into the past where they belong, without hindering the client’s personal development any longer.


When a client comes to me with a problem that requires hypno-analysis, I always teach them self-hypnosis in their first session. That way, my client can practice at home how to go into hypnosis easily and effortlessly as and when they want. In order to achieve this, the client receives a self-hypnosis CD or an MP3 to practice with. The CD or MP3 is included in the fee for the first session.